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The scents

Lumières Florales makes it a point of honor to use frank, direct and quality scents… 

The Intense Woodlands

At the corner of the fireplace, or in the middle of the pine forest, when you are at home, the rich woody scent exudes magic, and gives a warm atmosphere.

Teak wood

Olfactory notes: Woody, Oriental, Spicy, Fruity


Head olfactory pyramid: bergamot 

Heart olfactory pyramid: safranal, tonka bean

Base olfactory pyramid: oud, patchouli, vanilla

Cotton flower

Olfactory notes: Woody, Floral, Powdery, Vanilla


Head olfactory pyramid: milky accord/iridescent accord

Heart olfactory pyramid: rose/heliotrope

Base olfactory pyramid: white cedar wood/musk/vanilla

fleurs colorées

Flowery Fruity

the fruity notes bring a touch of originality, modernity but also freshness. Flowers and fruits go together beautifully, both in nature and in our candles.


Olfactory notes: Floral, Oriental, Spicy, Fruity


Head olfactory pyramid:  ylang-ylang

Heart olfactory pyramid: Orange blossom/tuberose

Base olfactory pyramid: tiaré/monoï

Enveloping Gourmets

Succumb to the sweet and gourmet flavors. Our scents offer sweet and warm notes, similar to delicacies that warm our hearts and remind us of childhood memories.


Olfactory notes: Vanilla


Head olfactory pyramid: candied rose petals

Heart olfactory pyramid: caramel/vanilla/jasmine

Base olfactory pyramid: Virginia cedar/white musk

Chocolate Cookie

Hiver douillet

Olfactory notes: Powdery chocolate


Head olfactory pyramid: hot milk/cocoa butter

Heart olfactory pyramid: milk chocolate/waffle

Background olfactory pyramid: 

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