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Who am I ?
My name is Pauline,
“You will be an artist! “Since I was little, my mother has been repeating this sentence to me.
It is true that I have always had this artistic desire. Drawing, painting, dancing, cooking, acting... And today, creating candles! This desire developed when I created my first candle for a birthday.
Indeed, I studied cooking from the age of 16 in a hotel school in Aveyron. After obtaining my professional culinary baccalaureate, I decided to take off in Germany to practice my profession there.
After finding love, my return to France was obvious.
I then continued my passion in several starred restaurants in the south of France.
After several years, the constraints of this work weighed on me at all levels.
I wanted to be master of my destiny, to do something that would make me vibrate.
Self-employment has always scared me... I'm not likely to undertake things...
The manufacture of artisanal candle allowed me to have my customers, to manage my orders, to gain confidence in me and in my ideas.
The choice of the color of the flowers and the scents… A multitude of characteristics which allow me today to develop my creativity.
Let's be ourselves! As artisans in the world of knowledge. Since our life is measured by our achievements.

À propos de nous: À propos de nous
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